At Capital Languages our prices are transparent.

Fees are charged for the lesson hour and not per student.
Individual or group, it is the same price.
Study materials and travel expenses are included.
No hidden charges.

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PRICES – 2020

OPTION 1: General Business Language Lessons
Focus: Individual student weaknesses.
The Tutor: Possesses excellent teaching experience at executive level.
Added Value: Includes business lesson materials. Extra-curricular study activities. Flexible timetable with a 24-hour cancellation policy. Individual or group, it is the same fee per lesson hour.
80 per hour

OPTION 2: Targeted Business Language Lessons
The Focus: Individual student weaknesses and job title responsibilities.
The Tutor: Has solid experience in executive level teaching and a good knowledge of student’s industry.
Added Value: Includes industry-specific learning materials. Extra-curricular study activities. Flexible timetable with a 12-hour cancellation policy. Individual or group, it is the same fee per lesson hour.

90 per hour

OPTION 3: Premium – Client-exclusive Business Language Lessons 
The Focus: Individual student weaknesses, the client’s corporate sector, industry trends and the student’s job title responsibilities.
The Tutor: Excellent track record in the student’s first language interference, pronunciation issues, cultural awareness, and client-specific business practices.
Added Value: Includes exclusive tailor-made lesson materials that focus on the student’s role and responsibilities. Extra-curricular study activities. Flexible timetable with a 3-hour cancellation policy. 24-7 tutor support. 
Individual or group, it is the same fee per lesson hour.
100 per hour